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Why 3V3i?

Our cutting-edge, custom design and manufacturing abilities set us apart as we consistently decrease site costs, project time to completion, and installation complexity.

With industry-leading partners like Rolling Ridge, TopTrace, and Hausman's trusting us to optimize their designs and sites, we have begun setting a new standard of what to expect with EV Charging Stations.


Our top-rated engineering and design teams work to simplify each site with long-lasting, easy-to-install, and affordable products.


Beyond our custom products, we deliver other necessary site products at wholesale pricing to deliver a one-stop shop to contractors.


Our US-based manufacturing and product completion teams ensure global supply chain issues do not impact our partners.


As a partnership-driven business, we work to maximize our benefit to each partner, whether your the name on the charging station or the one contracted to build it.


We Take Pride in Our Partnerships

Hausmans Metal Works & Roofing



T&R Fabrication

Rolling Ridge Construction

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Projects?

Partner with us today!

We'll work to optimize your site designs and deliver customized products to minimize costs and time to completion while simplifying installation and ensuring long-term quality results.

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Preston, KS

"3V3i continues to deliver in product and pricing as we scale out our ability to install electric vehicle chargers nationwide."

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