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Electric Grinder

About Us

Our Story

As we so often see, our story started in a garage. A garage filled with tool chests full of wrenches and sockets, old broken-down tractors, and a childhood bicycle converted electric with a scooter motor.

Our love for engineering and outside-the-box thinking started in that garage and has expanded far beyond what we ever expected and into each aspect of the EV Charging Station initiatives taking place throughout the US today.

From designing new sites and custom products for those sites, to manufacturing and supply the parts necessary to build them, to working with contractors to simplify installation and minimize project timelines, we've been able to step in and bring tremendous value to the industry with cutting-edge designs and technology. 

But let's be honest, we're just getting to fulfill our childhood dreams of building cool things, which is why we love it so much! We're lego adults, living in our lego world!

Construction in Progress
Construction in Progress
Construction Manager
Construction Manager

What We Do

DesignOur top-rated engineering and design teams work to simplify each site with long-lasting, easy-to-install, and affordable products.

ManufacturingOur US-based manufacturing and product completion teams ensure global supply chain issues do not impact our partners.

Wholesale: Beyond our custom products, we deliver other necessary site products at wholesale pricing to deliver a one-stop shop to contractors.

PartnersAs a partnership-driven business, we work to maximize our benefit to each partner, whether you're the name on the charging station or the one contracted to build it.

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